Exercise Your Mind: Cognitively Stimulating Activities and Social Engagement

Our guest, Dr. Kimberly Mueller, joins us to discuss cognitively stimulating activities and the impact of social engagement on brain health. Guest: Kimberly Mueller, PhD, CCC-SLP, Assistant Professor, Department of Communications Sciences and Disorders, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Episode Topics:

  • What are cognitively stimulating activities? 1:25
  • Recent studies: 2:50
  • Are some activities better than others? 9:00
  • Are Jeopardy or other “active” television shows considered cognitively stimulating? 10:23
  • Are board games, crossword puzzles, and brain games considered cognitively stimulating activities? 11:22
  • Is there evidence showing the benefits of social engagement? 15:08
  • Advice for maintaining and strengthening brain health: 18:37
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