Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative investigates genetic risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Research data collected from participants around the world has grown our understanding of genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Guest Jessica Langbaum, PhD, is the co-director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative at Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, which conducts clinical trials in people at high risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease. Langbaum discusses some recent findings in genetic predisposition for Alzheimer’s disease, the psychological consequences of learning one’s risk, and testing interventions to delay or prevent the onset of symptoms. Guest: Jessica Langbaum, PhD, Banner Alzheimer’s Institute

Episode Topics:

  • What is the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative? 3:44
  • What is the difference between the APOE gene and the presenilin gene? 6:07
  • How are you approaching disclosure of genetic risk to participants? 12:15
  • What kind of responses have you received from participants who were told about their genetic risk? 15:32
  • What would you recommend to an individual interested in learning their genetic risk? 22:19
  • What are your recommendations for preventing dementia? 24:25
  • What is the GeneMatch program? 26:35 
  • How can individuals find a study to volunteer for? 29:48
  • What is the most feasible form of therapy for dementia? 31:06
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